…passion for the skin…

Dario Giardi knows it well; he began this company’s story when, in 1963, he embarked on the adventure together with two of his friends, using a small property to open what would later become the MPG Tannery.

Growing up in Santa Croce sull’Arno, the most important Italian tanning district located between Florence and Pisa, over time he had acquired more and more experience in the vegetable tanning of cowhides.

In the tannery’s first years of business, the customers were local artisans and production was mainly focused on leather and cowhide.

Tradition and Innovation.

The turning point came in the mid-1970s.

Production began to follow the demands of fashion, and the tannery began to create and develop new cutting-edge items, aimed at satisfying an increasingly refined market segment.

Big names in fashion and interior design worked alongside local customers in the first years of business.

The predominantly artisanal methods were combined with modern technology, allowing for an increase in production and improvements to employees’ quality of work.

A family of 18 employees

Attentive to new trends for over 50 years.

At every stage of production, skilled craftsmen bring together technique and expertise to improve the fineness of the skin’s character while preserving its natural appearance.

The skins all come from France’s best farms, thus guaranteeing high product quality.

A passion beyond time and generations

The passion and love for this profession, the focus on the customer and the quality have not changed but increased, and are handed down from generation to generation.

Today Dario Giardi’s daughters Sandra and Sabrina, the two bastions of the company, are in charge of the MPG Tannery in a male-dominated world.

Their new vision, their commitment to emerge in a traditionalist world, their strong competence, knowledge of the product and experience accumulated over the years “breathing” the tannery since they were little, have been and continue to be a huge asset to the tannery, satisfying its customers day after day.

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4 products