Tannery Haas - ZERMATT Natural
Tannery Haas - ZERMATT Natural
Tannery Haas - ZERMATT Natural

Tannery Haas - ZERMATT Natural

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Zermatt is a famous leather by Tanneries Haas in France, a tannery which has been producing luxury leathers since 1842. 

Today Haas is part of the Chanel Group, and their leathers are used by many high end luxury brands. 

Zermatt is calfskin at top grade, sweat proof, close to being entirely waterproof and super gentle to the touch, which makes it brilliant for watch straps, wallets, bags and belts.

A double tanning process results in an amazing supple feel and even golden natural color. Scratches and marks heal easily leaving this leather to develop stunning patina over time. 

1 sqft = 30 x 30 cm / 25 x 40 cm as Standard 

2 sqft = 30 x 60 cm as Standard

‍Please inform us about your desired thickness at checkout. 
Our splitting services are free of charge.

For this leather we will cut larger orders into 1/2 sqft panels, as this ensures the best result for lower thicknesses. 

We reserve the right to split down only to a safe “thickness”. 


Gerbereien aus Europa.



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