Big Samples Pack

Big Samples Pack

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We know it’s difficult to really get a sense for a leather without seeing, touching or smelling it. Therefore we of course also offer the option to order samples. 

If you prefer useable samples - to create smaller items with, just to get the real feeling for our leathers, this sample pack is the right choice for you. 

While the price is for around 10 pieces - rest assured you will receive around double of that. We like to show off our leathers this way ❤️

Most pieces will be at around 1/2 sqft, but as these are offcuts, some pieces might come smaller, while others will be significantly bigger. 

You can of course indicate which leathers you are curious about.

We will aim to fulfill any preferences for leather types and color schemes and thicknesses.
But we cannot grant it.

For these sample packs, we don’t cut in full hides, limited editions and shell cordovan or crocodile are excluded.

But you can expect a top up selected by us. 

Please let us know after ordering if you have any specific preferences regarding the leathers included in this sample pack !

The purchase of sample packs is restricted to maximum 2 packs per order / customer at a time. 



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