Skiving Knife - Endeavor- JUNLIN
Skiving Knife - Endeavor- JUNLIN
Skiving Knife - Endeavor- JUNLIN
Skiving Knife - Endeavor- JUNLIN

Skiving Knife - Endeavor- JUNLIN

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The name of this series of knives came as a suggestion from a close friend within the community, it signifies courage to explore into the unknown.

Story Time

Back in 2019, I went on a quest to look for a skiving knife to use for myself, which led me to become acquainted with a blacksmith that I work very closely with till this day. I realised that commissioning only 2 knives wasn't a fair gig for him, thus I announced the opportunity to order the knife with me on Discord, which was received very positively by the community. However, the blacksmith didn't manage to deliver them up to my expectations in regards to the sharpening and geometry of the knives, and that was a blessing in disguise.

I was sitting on the floor of my tiny student apartment with 40 knives in front of me, and decided that I am going to learn how to hand sharpen knives at a much larger scale. I invested the thin margins I had on the knives in a ton of sharpening supplies and got to work. Fast forward 3 years later, I have hand sharpened slightly more than a thousand beveled tools, like skiving knives, blade punches, random knives and what not. It all started with having just a little courage to venture into something new.  

Hollow Ground Bevel Profile

Hollow ground bevel refers to the surface of the bevel that caves inwards relative to a flat plane. The hollow grind is complimented with a 15 degrees micro bevel as the actual cutting edge. Serves these purposes:

  • Reduce the effort required in sharpening, since you will only be removing material from a very narrow bevel
  • Minimise leather displacement when skiving.

Mercury Chamfer

The edges around the body of the knives are hand ground and polished using a technique I developed, that was inspired by my observation of the spine on Japanese kitchen knives. It is quite difficult for me to describe what it is in words, you just have to take my words for it!


Steel CPM 154, heat treated by BOS
Sharpening Ultra steep hollow grind, 15 degree micro bevel
Blade Angle Between 75 and 78 deg
Steel Thickness 3.0 mm
Weight 150 grams
Dimension 3.2cm wide, 18.5cm long



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