Teds Tape Double-Sided Permanent Adhesive (54 Yards) Hardware

Ted's Tape, Double-Sided Permanent Adhesive Tape, (54 yards)

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Ted's Tape - Double-sided permanent adhesive tape.

This is a double-sided permanent adhesive leather tape. It is non-woven, and can be torn away by hand or cut. This is used for attaching two pieces of leather or fabric, typically before sewing to hold parts together. It is a substitute to leather glue, and much easier and cleaner to work with. And you don't have to wait for it to dry!

Each roll is 50 meters (164 feet / 54 yards)

Ted's Tape vs. Itty-Bitty Dots Tape

  1. Ted's tape comes in smaller widths and is good for smaller applications. Itty-Bitty Dot tape comes in larger widths, where you can transfer tape to larger objects.
  2. Ted's tape comes off the roll with structure, and is applied with the intention of using the whole width in a line or curved line. Itty-Bitty Dots tape comes off the paper backing and onto the material like micro dots of rubber cement when applied. Itty-Bitty Dots tape is more customizable where you can apply the tape to unique areas that don't need straight uniform lines.

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