RUBINO Marbled Shell Cordovan - ROCADO
RUBINO Marbled Shell Cordovan - ROCADO
RUBINO Marbled Shell Cordovan - ROCADO

RUBINO Marbled Shell Cordovan - ROCADO

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What is Shell Cordovan ? 

Shell Cordovan leather is exceptionally durable. The pores are so dense on the back of a horse that they are not visible to the naked eye. The leather is naturally water resistant (even if it is not waterproof) and stretching. Shell Cordovan is truly rare and unique material. It has bright luster, non-creasing grain character, great leather smell and ability to develop and keep these characteristics over time. Since the crease can lead to cracks in the skin, the tendency to ripple rather than bend helps to preserve the surface of the skin and the overall durability of shoes. In addition, the shell Cordovan ages very well and develops over time a particularly beautiful patina. The leather itself does not accept much dye, so it is found mainly in the dark tones of brown, black and the so-called “cordovan” color, which is a dark burgundy color. 


Shell Cordovan is the article par excellence produced on the horse, through a particular process (100% vegetable tanning), with very slow and scrupulous timing we are able to highlight a particular cartilage that only the horse has on its back . Only the timing, the dexterity and a lot of experience make the difference to make this product unique in its kind.

The price is the price for an avg size M skin. 
Small, Large and extra large skins will be listed only after the shells are in stock and received and ONLY after offered our pre order customers at a price according to size 

Thickness: 1.6 mm/4oz 


Gerbereien aus Europa.



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