Beeswax - Crimson
Beeswax - Crimson
Beeswax - Crimson

Beeswax - Crimson

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One of the absolute essentials in leather craft is for sure beeswax.

We are happy to offer you Crimson hides food grade pure beeswax.

Naturally whitened under the sun for 6 months to a year. The wax has also been treated numerous times at boiling point to remove impurities making it highly resistant to mold.

Can be used in multiple leathercrafting application such as waxing of threads, filling up crevices in leather edges and also coating the inner rims of the punches for easy removal of leather bits.

Diameter of ~7cm and thickness of ~2.8cm

Weight of ~95-115g. Please allow some discrepancies as these are hand cut. 


Gerbereien aus Europa.



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